Our General Overseer has called the Church of God to forty days of prayer and fasting (April 22-May 31, 2018) for Pentecost. Prayer preceded the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We find in Acts 1:14 (NKJ), “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication . . .” The Holy Spirit descended on a people of prayer. I am asking that each pastor, church, and layperson join with me in prayer beginning Sunday, April 22, for an outpouring of the Holy

Spirit. My prayer is that each church in Michigan receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. May each believer who has yet to be baptized in the Holy Spirit receive the gift from the Father.

May our summer camp meeting be charged with the power of the Holy Ghost. May we hear from God in our General Assembly this year. Oh Lord, send Your power and baptize everyone. Our General Overseer is asking for the Church of God in Michigan to cover May 21-25, specifically in “Praying for Pentecost.”