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The Ministerial Internship Program (M.I.P.) is the requirement for advancing from the rank of exhorter to the rank of ordained minister.

About Ministerial Internship Program (M.I.P.)

Since it’s implementation in 1978, the Ministerial Internship Program (M.I.P.) has served as the requirement for advancing from the rank of exhorter to the rank of ordained minister.

The MIP now comprises a ministry formation process in the credentialing of ministers in the Church of God. Understanding the ministry formation process is important in comprehending the intention of the MIP. Helping a person understand calling and ministry, as well as developing knowledge and skills to practice ministry, is a process, a progressive change, that leads toward a particular result. The result MIP seeks is the development of the individual to his/her fullest potential, in order to fulfill the ministry he/she has been called to accomplish.

The evolving vision of MIP is to shape a person for an effective, God-called ministry should they desire to advance in rank for Ordained Minister. The MIP has two functions: (1) to educate and equip the individual for ministry, and (2) to train the individual to accomplish his/her calling in ministry. The MIP achieves these two functions through it’s specific components– MIP Ministry Formation Studies, MIP Seminars, and MIP Practicum.

These three components of the MIP provide further knowledge and training for the individual to minister successfully in his/her calling. The Ministry Formation Studies is structured to include nine Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) courses, which include Bible, doctrine, and pastoral studies courses. The MIP Seminars add to the insights presented through the Ministry Formation Studies by offering practical and relevant topics that are taught by experienced ministers. In addition to the knowledge gained through the topics that are in MIP seminars, the seminar leaders are able to inspire and motivate the candidates in committing themselves to their calling. The MIP Practicum offers the candidate an opportunity to gain insight through mentoring by a seasoned pastor and through practical, hands-on experience. During this nine month internship the intern will gain a deeper level of mentoring which enables the candidate to experience firsthand his/her calling in ministry, which promotes the development of ministerial knowledge and skills.

For more information or to receive an application please contact the state office at (810) 629-0460.