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For those of you who have an interest in Community Service Chaplaincy Training, please contact: John Corcoran at 937.470.6598 or via email at:

About Chaplains Basic Training

Community Service Chaplains or “CSC” are part of the Church of God Chaplains Commission. CSCs are certified Community Service Chaplains who are trained to enter into various disciplines of the local community, thus extending the greater ministry of the Kingdom of God and the local Church.

While serving in a volunteer capacity, these men and women of faith are doing a professional task. CSCs regularly donate many hours of their week to insure that the needs of others are cared for, while sacrificing their own free time, talent and personal resources to accomplish the task of chaplaincy ministry. Community Service Chaplains serve in a variety of “Beyond the Gates” ministries.CSCs recognize that the ministry of Jesus Christ cannot be fulfilled if only practiced within the walls of the traditional church. Therefore, these trained, qualified and certified men and women regular accept the challenges of ministry disciplines outside the church and in their own communities.

One of the most exciting ministries in the Church of God, the CSC program is designed for the local pastor and leading Laity approved by the pastor or other ecclesiastical leader. By training the local pastor and laity in community chaplaincy programs, we have been able to place hundreds in such diverse agencies as the FBI, state and local correctional institutions, hospitals and many other community agencies. It is the conviction of the Chaplains Commission that every pastor should have a two-phased, focused ministry: the local church and a community agency. By reaching out to these secular institutions we are able to build a bridge between the local church and the millions of persons who work and are confined to these institutions. In this manner, the Commission fulfills the mandate of Hebrews 13:12-13 which says, ” as Jesus suffered outside the gates on behalf of mankind, ” so the church goes outside the gate of the local setting to a wounded society.

This training is available to all ministers and to laity who are approved and recommended by their pastor. For additional information, please contact the State Office at (810) 629-0460.