Who we are in Christ: 

Men of Honor adhere to and live by a defined standard of Christian Discipleship. Men who maintain a lifestyle of integrity, honesty, and stewardship based on the foundation of God’s Word.

What we are in Christ: 

ManUp is a God inspired foundation of discipleship to reach, teach, and motivate Men of Honor to serve within the local Church. Requiring participation in both individual and group Bible Studies, meetings, conferences, and events.

When we are in Christ: 

Men of Honor provide a living example of a strong relationship with God. A pure, holy, and faithful example of spiritual leadership in our families, churches, and communities.

  • Local Church Teams
  • Submits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Provides spiritual leadership to the family, church, and community.
  • Faithfully serves the local church and pastor.
  • Provides an example of Christian maturity at work, church, and community.
  • Commitment to sow $5.00 seed money per month to Men of Honor.
  • Local Church Team Leader
    -Coordinates the local teams.
    -Provides support, communication, and follow up.
  • Regional Team Leader
    -Coordinates the local team leaders.
    -Provides support, communication, and follow up.
  • State Team Leader
    -Coordinates the regional team leaders.
    -Provides support, communication, and follow up.
  • Operate as a cohesive TEAM. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)
  • The process, structure, and operation are clearly defined and communicated.
  • The TEAM is not dependent on an individual at the local church, but the defined overall process.
  • Each local church TEAM has a lay leader that coordinates the defined activities, events, and meetings. Just follow the process.
  • The Local TEAM is provided with the necessary information, suggestions, ideas, and support for success.
    -Contact and Communication
    -Web site for resources, communication, support, and Bible study information across all TEAMS.
    -Daily texts messages and appropriate methods of contact.
    -Weekly live streams, messages, short motivation, and prayer.
    -Monthly live streaming combined with local on-site TEAM meetings (breakfast, coffee/donuts)
    -Quarterly live streaming and on-site.
    -Annual TEAM building conference.