I want to praise the Lord for our Ministers Meeting last week. God met with us as we shared the strategies for “finishing the Great Commission.” One of the strategies I shared is the SHIFT program. Let me briefly review the components of SHIFT:

S- Students: We will intentionally invest in Michigan’s students-the Jeremiah Generation

H- Home Missions: We will be intentional in church planting and                         revitalization.

I- Intercession: We will pray; God hears the prayers of His people. God moves when the church prays.

F- Fathers: We will honor and help in times of need our retired ministers and widows.

T-Training: We will invest in and equip our ministers and pastors for reaching the harvest and making disciples.

SHIFT embodies youth and discipleship, evangelism, outreach, and care. I need your partnership. To make the components of SHIFT a reality, we need to raise $63,000; and with God’s help and your partnership, we can! Our Harvest Offering will be Sunday, November 4, 2018. I am asking each church and pastor to give a liberal sacrificial offering for SHIFT. God has promised to supply the need of a giving individual and church.

May God richly bless you as you labor in the Harvest.