Looking back over my pastoral ministry, I always enjoyed ministers’ retreats immensely. Those retreats allowed me to get to know fellow colleagues in ministry and form bonds and friendships that are still viable today. Our “Ministers and Spouses’ Retreat” is coming up September 12-14,2019 at the Evergreen Resort in Cadillac, Michigan. The cost is $300 per couple, and that includes all meals. A Friday afternoon golf package will be available for those who want to play golf.  I encourage you to register online at michigancog.org or call the State Office at (810) 629-0460.

Why should my spouse and I attend this retreat? Good question! First of all, pastoral stress today is enormous. 75% of pastors report being extremely stress, and 90% work between fifty-five to seventy-five hours a week. “Ministers and Spouses’ Retreat” is an excellent opportunity for you to fellowship and have fun with your colleagues who understand the load that you are under. A blog by Leadership Resources said that having fun and focusing on the positive are two things that will help a minister to avoid burnout or rebound from feelings associated with burnout. Believe me; we are going to have fun on this retreat.

Another reason you and your spouse should attend this retreat is that a setting like this allows you to make lifelong friendships and strengthen existing ones. Proverbs 27:17 (NAS) “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” I found getting to know my colleagues in a setting other than a church or state meetings was a great experience. You will hear funny stories at ministers’ retreat; you will get sermon thoughts; and you will just enjoy one another’s company.

Mark your calendars for September 12-14! I will be looking forward to enjoying this time of fellowship with you.